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Dead-simple adjuster workflow.

Access itel’s pricing directly from your estimating platform. When the adjuster knows the asphalt shingle type, results are instantaneous and the report is added to the claim file immediately.

Our fast, frictionless approach drives results for carriers without creating complexity for adjusters.

ASP is currently integrated with Verisk and CoreLogic.

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Asphalt shingle report

Analysis you can trust.

Each itel Asphalt Shingle Pricing report includes:

  1. Like Kind and Quality Products
  2. Price per Square Foot
  3. Closest Available Product Specifications
  4. Instructions for Ordering from itel at Guaranteed Price, if needed

Download Sample Report

Guaranteed Fulfillment

Our guaranteed fulfillment program gives carriers, adjusters, and homeowners confidence in the itel price. If needed, itel will source, ship, and deliver asphalt shingles within 3 days at the provided price. Our price is guaranteed for 90 days.

Roofing worker with a truck load of shingles

The itel Data Difference

Better data matters. We leverage our industry-leading data to deliver timely, accurate prices.

Robust Data Sources

itel works with contractors, manufacturers, and big box retailers to obtain product specification and pricing data monthly.

Geographic Variance

itel accounts for differences in shingle pricing across more than 800 regions in the U.S.

Expertise and Experience

Our data is augmented by our on-site lab, which runs nearly one million material matching and pricing tests each year.

Real-time Changes

Pricing data is updated at the zip code level for large weather events that significantly impact supply and price.

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