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Key Features

itel’s Roof Repair Analysis solution uses a simple workflow to deliver a consistent, accurate repairability report within minutes.


Decision in <30 minutes

Quick turnaround ensures estimate can be completed in just one visit to the loss.

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Easy submission

Submit new claims for analysis in 3-5 minutes using the itel Now app.


Guaranteed delivery

When repairable, every report lists a guaranteed repair provider that can do the work.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our thorough evaluation explores the severity, location, and extent of damage to determine if a repair is both time and cost efficient. We evaluate all critical factors before making a final repairability decision.


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Roof repair analysis sample report

the itel Report

Each Roof Repair Analysis Report includes:

  1. Repairability Determination
  2. Slope by slope analysis
  3. Submitted photos
  4. Contact information for guaranteed repair provider

Download Sample Report

Streamlined workflow

itel’s roof repair analysis is available through the itel Now app. Submissions are simple, and users can upload existing photos to complete.

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Measurable Results

Driving efficiency for all parties involved in a claim.

Roof Repairability Rate

itel’s analysis accurately identifies repair candidates, increasing the number of repaired roofs

Adjuster productivity

Outsourcing the repairability analysis and repair estimate creation to a specialized team frees up adjusters to focus on other tasks or claims.


Repair jobs can be completed more quickly than a full replace, letting homeowners return to life as normal.

Learn More

Reach out today to learn more about our repair vs. replace analysis for roofing.