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The Power of Partnership: itel and Verisk in the Claims Workflow


The property claims process can sometimes resemble coordinated chaos, with an increasing number of service providers and solutions involved in every claim. While each of us plays a crucial role in ensuring homeowners’ claims are settled quickly and fairly, effective collaboration is essential. Our partnership with Verisk helps carriers using Xactimate and itel streamline their claims process.

Here are three ways insurance carriers can leverage itel’s analysis and data within Verisk’s claims ecosystem.

1. Use itel’s Asphalt Shingle or Vinyl Siding Pricing Directly Within Xactimate

itel’s Asphalt Shingle Pricing and Vinyl Siding Pricing solutions use a robust, proprietary dataset to provide accurate and localized prices directly within the claim workflow. Our seamless integration with Xactimate allows adjusters to run itel pricing immediately after entering each relevant line item or later during the during the inspection process.

Adding itel Vinyl Siding Pricing during the Claim Inspection

2. Leverage Pre-Built itel Rules in XactXpert to Bolster Program Compliance

Verisk’s XactXpert Rules Engine promotes estimate accuracy and consistency with real-time alerts. XactXpert offers a pre-built rule that requires itel analysis or pricing on estimates meeting specific criteria. This rule can be applied to over 80 line items, including roofing, siding, and various types of flooring.

For example, insurance carriers are creating rules in XactXpert to ensure that, for rooms larger than 100 square feet with damaged floors, adjusters submit a sample to itel for analysis and identification of a Like Kind and Quality product and price.

Setting up Rules in Xactimate Admin

Example Alerts for End User with itel Rules Activated

3. Submit Cabinet Repair Analysis Requests in Xactimate

itel offers comprehensive repairability analysis solutions for cabinets and furniture. One popular way to request a repair analysis report is through our integration with Xactimate. Adjusters can provide a detailed damage description and request for type of service (onsite, virtual, or photo inspection) directly within Xactimate.


In today’s claims landscape, collaboration and integration are crucial for efficiency and accuracy. itel is proud to partner with Verisk to streamline the claims process for faster and fairer settlements. With itel’s data and analysis integrated within Xactimate, carriers can improve accuracy, maintain compliance, and simplify repairability analysis. The integration empowers adjusters to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the claims process. To maximize the value of your itel programs within Xactimate, reach out to your itel account team.